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Rob uses Antigua Winds Tenor and Soprano Saxophones exclusively.  

Tenor Sax- Antigua Powerbell, Sugal KWII mouthpiece, Legere Signature 2.75 reeds, Roberto's Winds neck strap (Mike Manning Custom Case)

Soprano Sax- Antigua Powerbell, Jody Jazz Metal DV mouthpiece, Hemke 2.5 reeds (Mike Manning Custom case)

Alto Sax- Selmer Super Action 80II, Beechler Bellite Metal #7 mouthpiece, Legere Signature 2.5 reeds, Rovner Ligature, Walt Johnson Custom Case


Live- DPA 4099s (Shure wireless)

Studio- Chandler Limited Redd Microphone-Rupert Neve 5032 preamp w/eq


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